Manchester City will do all they can to keep their players – Agent Sky Andrew

Sky Andrew  who is  the football agent has that Manchester City’s “class way” of treating their players means their star names will remain loyal despite the threat of a European ban, according to agent Sky Andrew.

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The club have been hit with a two-year suspension from European competition by UEFA after being found guilty of Financial Fair Play rule breaches – a ruling the club intend to appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
Although it could mean key players potentially losing salary bonuses if the City are not in the Champions League, Andrew doesn’t think it will be a problem

They treat their business and players very well and any problems they will sort out behind closed doors.

“You see very few disagreements in the public as they prefer to sit down and sort things out, it’s a class way of doing business.

“Of course, sometimes things change and clubs and players have to then weigh up the situation but how many situations are better than Manchester City’s?

“Their squad is as good as the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid and have set up their business so well you’d think most will want to stay, weather the storm and come back stronger.”

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