Nigeria the giant of african, a country blessed with lots of mineral resources but yet she still struggles with poor electricity supply. We are going to have a view of NIGERIA POOR SUPPLY and what are the reasons. According to the reports provided by electricity generating companies, the average power supply in Nigeria is 3853MW.

The peak average power supply was 4425MW in January 2017,out of the reached of lagos and rivers state , you may see the problem of power failure supply in Nigeria. FCT and other large cities of the country are provided with the majority of power and energy, while the minority cities are left out.


Since 2005 power sector in Nigeria was privatized. In 2012,Nigeria generated approximately 5000MW of power for the population of over 150 million people, this can’t be compare with south African the second largest economy in Africa which produce over 40000MW of energy for 62million people.


Nigeria provides its energy through four main source Coal, Hydro, oil & natural gas. Coal provide around 0.4% of energy out in Nigeria. Nigeria is rich in coal, therefore it makes coal a relatively easy energy source as We have access to this resources. More over the extraction of coal is also a pretty easy process, nevertheless this kind of energy production has the greatest impact on the environment.


Nigeria has the largest supply of oil in Africa. Therefore oil is made to provide around 24.8% of power supply in Nigeria. Although the environmental impact of this energy source is also devastating in every way. There are barriers like the lack of oil control in Nigeria that make oil the serious problem to the people.


Hydro is provided to be most environmental friendly option for Nigeria. It provide around 35.6% of energy for the country. The irregular power supply in Nigeria is a constant problem for the rural area of the country. About one year ago the minister of power reported about the shortage of power up to 6000MW, where Nigeria needed about 140000M.


Conclusion :Nigeria is called the third poorest supply country in the world. The main idea is to concentrate on the renewable source which can improve the power supply in the country.

Written by Egbe Buduzhi

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