The battle for 2023 has being drawn and this is the time to prepare or never.
Ekpeye as a nation can’t be Mr. Follow Follow or push and start, if you can recall very well regime of

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1. Ella, Ekpeye people follow, no benefits from it.
2. G. U Ake, Ekpeye people follow, no benefits from it.
3. Na again Ekpeye man following Ogba man agenda for Governorship position all in the name of Orashi Agenda.
-If I may ask what is good for the Ogba man is not good for Ekpeye man?
-If you watch very well most of our Ekpeye son sold alot in supporting the Wike two tenures in the name of being loyal to Ogba man, but what did they get peanuts.
-The most annoying one is that our people pay for much loyalty before you can be recognized or you happen to be a slave before you can wear shoes.
-Ekpeye should value your own and work towards better tomorrow before you endanger the future of our young ones.
-Have you ask your self this simple question, all this years in government nobody talks of putting Orashi in place why now when the boat 🚣 is to dran that is when will remember home.
-Ogbo-Bu-Ike that is the meaning of the so called Orashi Agenda to Achieve a Political Position for 2023, which after achievement they will put us aside#
-Our traditional rulers should respect their stool and not to be use as political stool as politicians thinks nowadays, if you watch very well in all the meeting the Oba of Ogba land, Abu, and Enginne etc are not in this so called meeting.

Note: it’s only when a man is in quest for something that will makes him develop ideas to succeed for his plan.
Money is not everything, but with a proper arrangement can have a good hand shake with God.

Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

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