What Ahmed, Rabiu said At Asiya Iganya Muhammed’s Lunch Book

By Ojimaojo Y.Abubakar,Abuja

The Deputy Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt.Hon. Ahmed Muhammed, representing Ankpa I and Hon. Rabiu Alfa representing Ankpa II ,has heap praise the self aclaimed author and women write activist, Asiya Iganaya Muhammed, described her as the most talented girl, Ankpa ever have.The tow lawmakers made this praised during launching of her maiden book title’plight of window”at her ancestral home, Ojoku, Ankpa Kogi State, yesterday.

The book launch was graced by prominent Ankpa, including The Hourable Adams and traditional rulers and many members of the political class. According to Ahmed, Wicked windowhood practices have continued despite laws and customs put in place to mitigate such. Today in Nigeria, widows are still being humiliated, dehumanised and abused via wicked customs, rites and rituals that make one question whether the present government care about women. Speaking on the cultism, the deputy speaker said “There’s no gain in joining cult groups; cultism does not pay.

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We need to continue talking to our youths on the need to shun cultism,” he said. Hon. Rabiu Alfa, who speak on the culture of early marriages among female, said that the government would promote policies discouraging such practices to secure the future of the girl-child in the state. “We should think of how to educate our daughters and not to married them off at early age. Today, Thousand of windows dependent on their late husband, because of early marriage. They are not educated enough to be independent, so we should try and put an end to this early marriage, he said.

On her path, The women right activist, Author and social commentator said Its obvious that the state of windows in Nigeria is highly pathetic, many of them are uneducated why others lacks the skills to be self-reliance. most time, the psychological torture that they experience in their various compound has led them in trauma and also live non an euphoric life. “The truth of the matter is that, we all know the kind of relations we have, and the caliber of people we deal with.

You should know that, if your relations are the type that will deny your family shares of their inheritance tomorrow, you have to onset will to your wife and children ,what belongs to them if that is not done and at the end your in-law ill-treat you it’s not their fault but the fault of the demised.

According to her, I see the writing of this play as a fundamental obligation towards awakening and reawakening the consciousness of the youth in my community of ojoku. If education is light , it means that we all need to follow suit because an illiterate man is like a blind man; man in total darkness, a man that is terribly handicapped, a man on the disadvantage and on the dunghill of life.

I feel seriously pained that the youths of this age are not self-motivated, visionary and are not desirous of moving themselves forward. even though our survival or existence is not entirely dependent on education, we all have to do the needful fight, the fight of faith by doing something academically tangible to promote our culture, our religion and our people.

writing of this play and many other ones that will follow insha Allah, is not a mere show-off but it borne out of sheer determination to debunk the nation or wrong perception particularly about the youths that we do not like going to school, she boost. According to her ,this book is also a proof of my love for dotted lines; a clear demonstration of my avowed passion for writing in order to promote my people; hence, the setting is in a community of ojoku district when I was born and bred.

hastily want to use this opportunity to encourage all sons and daughters in ojoku district to rise to the occasion by flooding our various villages with quality books for both the present and future generations. It is high time we toad the path of honour, awareness creation just I like some of the distinguished sons and daughters of ojoku district who are already professional in their different disciplines and shining stars today, she conclude.

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