Asiya Iganya Muhammed To Launch New Book “Plight Of Widow”

The women write activist, Muhammed Hasiya popularly known as ‘Musa Iganya, is set to release a new book title “Plight of window” on the 25th of January,2020 at the Ojoku community market square , Agbodo. Muhammed Hasiya, acclaimed author, social commentator, and an activist at heart,revealed this via her Facebook page.

The book launch event will features dignitaries across the local government. Kogi state deputy speaker,Honourable Ahmed Ahmed is the Chief host of the launching. It is obvious that the plight of widows in Nigeria is pathetic. Many of them are uneducated while others lack the skills to be self-reliant. Most time, the psychological torture that they experience compounds the trauma of their husband’s demise that leads to depression and related-health problems.

Speaking ahead of the launching via her social media comment section last night, she said “the book is an inspirational and educational one. Which makes it also an Academic book. I call it an academic book because it is relating to literary or artistic rather than technical or professional”,she said Speaking on legal action against against widows, Iganya spokesperson Ibrahim Alkhatar, said “At this age, if the government doesn’t know what to do to curb this ugly happening, then it’s not worth being a government.

Anyways, the Constitution should be consulted. “If the demised actually wanted you the wife to man over his properties, he would have made that possible before he passed on. The truth of the matter is that. We all know the kinda relations we have and the caliber of people we deal with. You should know if your relations are the type that will deny your family shares of their inheritance.

And at such you have to from the onset will to your wife and her and her children what you think belong to them. If that is not done, and at the end your in-laws ill-treat you, it’s never their fault but the fault of the demised. Third party going into such situation to me is a pockenoser”,he explained.

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