Happy Christmas Celebration – HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo

The Regent of Ekpeye land, HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo, Ph.D and the members of the Eze Ekpeye Logbo In-Council felicitate with the good people of Ekpeye Ethnic Nation, Rivers State people, Nigerians and the Christian community all over the world as Christmas is being celebrated.

Though, as a people, there exist the moment of difficulty but Nigerians need to brave whatever circumstances to build a nation envisaged by the founding fathers. But as we celebrate with family and friends, we should not forget the teaching of Jesus Christ, to love our neighbours as ourselves. Our people should embrace peace, love and tolerance of one another as Christians.

This is one time that Christians in the country must act and exhibit the teachings of Jesus Christ. They should exemplify the Holy Book and imbibe the core lessons of sacrifice, generosity and peaceful co-existence which Christ stood for.

In particular, Christians in Ekpeyeland should remember the whole essence of the birth of Jesus Christ and that despite the fact that Jesus was the son of God, he remains the classical example of humility and self-denial. A sober reflection and true practice of Christ virtue will heal the land.

It is however imperative to use the occasion of the yuletide celebrations to renew our commitment to the promotion of the values of brotherhood and unity among all groups.

Christmas celebrations offered us the opportunity to reflect on God’s love and compassion for man as epitomized in the gift of His begotten son for man’s salvation.

Blessed celebrations.

Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

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