I Don’t Know What Will Happen To Her And The Child, Nigerian Player says

A Nigerian player in Slovenia, who was sacked by his club recently for impregnating the daughter of the club president said I don’t know what will happen to her and the child since I’m back in Nigeria.

The player disclosed this to Ghanaian media outfit said ” they forced her to block me on all social media platforms. The few friends I have within the short period of time at the club are scared of speaking to me about her. I’m confused”, he said.

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He said the club got to know about it and summoned me for a meeting. I got there and admitted that I am responsible for the pregnancy. And I was told to stay at home and not to be seen around the club premises until I am instructed to return.

A week later, I was called to the office and told that my agent has been informed about their plans to terminate my contract for gross misconduct and indiscipline. The news came to me as a surprise because I have not been found wanting in any area since I arrived at the club six months ago.


Speaking further, the player, who is reported to have returned to Nigeria, argued that the woman involved is an adult with whom he chose to have a child and added that he has been advised to file a case with FIFA. “My agent called me up and said we should file a case with FIFA that he has a recording of the president saying my contract was terminated for having an affair with his daughter. She’s an adult for God’s sake, we both love each other and decided to have a child,” he explained.

The footballer said ,I signed a three year deal with the option of another year but last month I ran into trouble when my girlfriend who happens to be the daughter of the president said she was pregnant for me.

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