I  will appreciate if you read this article today and I pray you read carefully, don’t forget to like and comment, I want to address our mother’s in Ekpeye Nation who really want to raise Ekpeye kingdom in farming sector.


Our mother’s try their best to farm, clear a lot of farm land to plant, harvest, prepare and sell to other marketer’s in Ahoada, Ekpeye Ethnic Nation Township.

Today, buying Ekpeye made garri is one of the best garri in Nigeria, sweet to drink etc., if our Government today, help our Ekpeye Communities to provide all necessary equipment for standard agric. Farm, our women will really do a good work. But as much there is no equipment our mother’s do the work with their strength, they go to farm in the morning come back in the afternoon, go back in the evening.

Our Ekpeye women make sure that they cultivate, up to five farm land in one farm season. And at the end of each farming season they we be able to harvest a lot of crops which they sell and eat.

I also wish to appeal to the Government to provide necessary equipment for our Ekpeye farmers who will happily improve on their farm method.  I hail Ekpeye farmers who try to produce good crop and sell to other kingdoms, our Government should help our farmers to improve their various farmers.


Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

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