Poem 265 Eta Ekpeye (wrestling) Like ants Converging for a bite of sugar The music from the Okooma and Ekwe Draws strenght and attention to it’s abode Unooma (playground) See our men Dancing to the beats of the Ekwe

Okooma and Ekwe

With heaving breasts And clenched fists And sweaty flesh Kissed by the scorching sun The onlookers are dazed When at strength they gaze Thrilled and excited At the show of power That makes mere men to cower And bury their faces In the bosom of their palms.

Mother earth tells this tale better Look at her face Filled with prints Prints of foot buried deep in it Prints of men that fell on their backs And their vertebrae kissed the soil When strength betrayed them like Judas Time will tell the winner

When the sun rests in the west And night steals the sky Forcing onlookers to their abode Accompanied by the fading sounds of the Ekwe.

Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

For EKPEYE TV © 2019

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