Covid 19 Dairies

The streets are dead lonely, markets look like a deserted war front, learning institutions are filled with empty echoes of memories.

Take it or leave it, our lives will never remain the same after this pandemic, positively or negatively.  While it is a time of bonding, fun and leisure for some, for others it is a time of struggle, where only the fittest survive. There’s the war of corona virus on the streets, at home there’s the war of hunger between the stomach and rumpled intestines.

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Sadly, this pandemic has birthed hungry robbers, more agbero’s and scammers, majority of the decent jobs and businesses are on shutdown what do you expect?

Yesterday I had a chat with Kelechi over the weevil conquered beans mama gave me to pick, Kelechi happens to be my next door crush.

This Nigga had a crush on me since we moved in here at D/Line, but he hadn’t grown the liver yet to voice it out, I usually gossiped about him at night with my cousins, and they always laughed out their lungs until they choked.

This morning Kelechi came to our verandah, sat near me and offered to select beans, I just laughed and shrugged him off, he laughed too. we talked about our online exams and many other nonsenses which we young people talked about, we chatted until mama yelled out from the kitchen for her beans, that was when Kelechi rose to leave, before he left, he told me to keep his share of the beans. I just laughed and shook my head, is it this shy Kelechi that will eat my beans?

This night I heard shouts across the street, the lonely streets was lively again, a small crowd had gathered in front of the supermarket at my street, they caught a thief.

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To my own disbelief, it was kelechi… I wanted to scream and tell everyone that my kelechi was innocent, and that it was the handwork of the devil and covid 19, but my voice was lost amidst the angry mob.

After tonight things won’t remain the same again… not anymore.

Spread love, the little you have is enough to spare for someone in dire need, help someone lead a better life, before hunger drives them the wrong path.

Stay safe

This too shall pass away.

Written by Franca Umasoye Igwe

For EKPEYE TV © 2020

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