Rising Voices Of Ekpeye Women

By Oyagiri Monday

Increasingly, Ekpeye Ethnic Nation may have started a gradual return to prominence. This is more so with the rising stridency of voices from Ekpeye socio-cultural groups and, added to the current dutiful traditional institution. The socio-cultural groupings do not only make input to developmental discourse but vehemently act as ardent crusaders for the well-being of the people.

This has become obvious from the manner the Uzugbani Ekpeye, the apex socio-cultural group carry on its task. On the heels of Uzugbani Ekpeye is Ekpeye Women Global Network. With a resounding clarion call on the people to rally to reposition the Ekpeye nation, the group is positioned to respond and assist to shape issues of common identity. The group is made up of Ekpeye women both at home and in diaspora with the overriding interest to interact with all groups to achieve the objectives of United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals.

As part of its core values, EWGN plan to make Ekpeye a better place in line with the UN sustainable development agenda. In accordance, the group plan to assist to end poverty, hunger, promoting good health and wellbeing of the entire Ekpeye populace. They are pushing for quality education, gender equality and, the empowerment of all women and girls.

Their aim include to promote innovation and infrastructural development, promote cultural values, peace and justice and, to promote partnerships among others.

This blueprint will enable the group address the global challenges the Ekpeye nation faces. To achieve all these, EWGN has scripted an all encompassing program: Amesamatuni (Let us develop our land). The aim is to achieve a better Ekpeye Ethnic Nation and more sustainable future for all.

Significantly, the present dynamism as shown by the present Ekpeye traditional institution may have awakened these voices where they had been silent before now with its handling of many issues. In fact, a larger number of Ekpeyeans may have begun to see in these voices the need to restrategize for growth and to reflect the true numerical strength of the Ekpeye race in Rivers State. The choice is to retool the old framework that has failed to meet the aspirations of many Ekpeye people.

EWGN is poised to serve as a brand and they have positioned to partner the traditional institution and Uzugbani Ekpeye to speak for the Ekpeye Ethnic Nation within and at the international level.

So while Uzugbani Ekpeye speaks as the voice of Ekpeye oligarchy that represents the band of conservative elites, EWGN on the other hand, wants an Ekpeye that works for all.

It is of note that despite Ekpeye’s numerical advantage over some ethnic groups in Rivers State, it still finds itself lagging far behind in almost all developmental indices. Perhaps, this is why the women socio-cultural grouping has come to ensure the people looks hard at itself in the mirror and admit to the perennial failures of past leaders. That it is time Ekpeye begin a radical soul-cleansing to escape the self-inflicted poverty and dwarfed development era.

Also, some argue that Ekpeye need to set aside its stuttering mentality, and embrace a more robust progressive and modern growth techniques. This way, Ekpeye would not only benefit from the ingenuity of her people but rise to its true potential.

Now, to set the right tune, EWGN plan to reach out to willing institutions and organizations across the world, whose set goals seem to be in sync with the new realities confronting Ekpeye Land. Their plan includes seeking for survival strategies. And, rather than dwelling on the archaic, the women are are poised to see things differently.

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