Olokuma Community Dethrone Its Paramount Ruler (Eze Nwe Ula)

Olokuma Community

Olokuma, Ahoada West Local Government Area

HM, Eze Okpokrir A.M. JP
Eze Igbu Ubie IV
Ula-Ubie, Ahoada West (LGA)


This is to notify you and your council that we the council of elders (Elioha) in Olokuma Community, Igbu Ubie Kingdom of Ekpeye Ethnic Nationality in Ahoada West Local Government Area, Rivers State.

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Have unanimously dethroned Chief Innocent Ogwormike from being the paramount ruler of Olokuma community on this day the 15th of March, 2020. This is because of the following reasons below;

  1. He called the entire community fools for several times. Presently on the 15th March 2020 through one Mr. Reason Isaac at a time when the elders sent message to him to appear in a meeting fixed by the council of elders after two days general notice through the town crier to discuss the affairs of the community..
  2. Having the mind to call the entire community fools, he should look for the wise to rule and not the fools any longer.
  3. He diverts the community source of income to his personal benefit, e.g (Community palm fruit and wood).
  4. He does not have respect at all on anybody mostly we the council of elders, whenever we seek his presence for meeting.


Eze Ekamini

Eze N.B. Okwa

Ikodu Ekpeye, Ahoada West Local Government Area

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