11 Years Old Girl Drowned In Ahoada River

Eleven years old Hausa girl, Belikis Musa was reportedly drowned in river at             Ahoada, headquarter of Ahoada east Local Government Area of rivers state.

The incident which happen recently, threw the inhabitant of the Ahoada town, especially members of Hausa community into pandemonium according to an impeccable source, the little Belikisu was known for selling kunu, native drink within the old Ahoada/Elele road, across the Ahoada market and motor park axis of the town.

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According to source, the late Belikisu sold kunu worth #500 to a man, unfortunately, the customer brought out #1000 note. There was no change for the girl to give him. The Man ask her to wait for to buy some things to enable him get the change, Belikisu with her good heart, believe the customer. She waited for hours and could not see the man. She cry bitterly and regret why she allow the man to go with her kunu money. She lamented.

that she we not be alive to see what we happen to her and the kind of beating her mother will lash on her for not balancing the account of her sales for the day.

According to national agenda, the confused child decided to end her life in pains and jump into the Ahoada River. She could no longer be found, it was later in the night when her father, Alhaji Musa came back home and did not see her daughter, Belikisu in the midst of other children and relatives. He raised alarm and also sent out some young men to help search for the lost child and the child is nowhere to be find, they later when to Ahoada River and saw her goods and slippers, but did not see her.

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The source submit that the girl was later discover in the deep water but could not flow as her body was hooked on a wood inside the river. Her lifeless body was then taken out for burial by the members of her family


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