COVID-19: Fight In Mbiama Market (Photos)

Still in the coronavirus, stay at home, today is mbiama market at usual in Ahoada west local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria. but because of hunger the marketers could endure staying at home without food items to eat in their home.

there was a fight between military pesonnel an some cut Boy to at mbiama

According a facebook post made by one mr Andrew Azuka, on his post he wrote ”Great war in mbiama market.the news reported that Ahoada west chairman Hope worn d marketers not to sell there goods due to d corona virus. But it seem not to possible due to d high price of goods. Many were injured due to d exchange of gun shot between the military and cut boys”.

Speaking with some market, the are calling on the federal Government and Rivers State Government to give food items to the poor masses that vote them inn into power they siad.

Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

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