I Need Financial Assistance From Good Nigerian,Mr.Samson Appeals

In order to maintained and bring Mr.Chikwem Samson  back to its normal state health, who is a native Anwunugboko community area in Ahaoda  West of River State. who has been suffering with enormous turmor,United Bank of Africa(UBA)with the account number ‘214673113  with the name “Samson Chikwem’ for the good Nigerian and beyond.
In  an interview with Ekpeyetv  on Friday 6th march 2020 with Mr Samson Chikwem expressed that, he has be living with this tumour for 15 years and life has become very unbearable as he encounters  constant discrimination and isolation amongst people in the community. He also expressed that, there are days he would go to bed without food because there is no one who would want to assist him. Sometimes, some people would allow him to work in their farms so he could eat food, he said.
According to Mr Chikwem Samson said, he has visited Doctors at Ibadan Hospital and the doctors confirmed that, the only remedy to cure his face tumour is through surgery of #3,000,000.00 but unfortunately he could not afford the amount and now the tumour is spreading all over his face like wild fire. Mr Chikwem Samson is pleading for financial assistance from people of goodwill to fund his surgery.
Thanks to Brother Buduzhi Egbe the CEO of EKPEYETV MEDIA who contacted me on Saturday,  he has managed to open an Account in Mr Chikwem Samson’s name today after several rejections from the Banks. God bless you my brother!
“I want to use this medium to seek  financial assistance towards his  surgery as  no amount is too small.“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted” as every little count”.

Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

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