HRM Felix Enene Otuwarikpo Calls For More Engagement From Subjects

The Regent of Ekpeye Ethnic Nation, HRM Nye Udu Felix Enene Otuwarikpo, has called for more engagement from the people of Ekpeye in the area of peace and development.

He urged the people to come up with home grown mechanism on crisis management, noting that the absence of peace could truncate current efforts made to reposition for development.


The Regent made the call at Ekpena Community in Akoh Kingdom during the reception ceremony organized to celebrate the coronation of HRH Eze Mark Ene as the Eze Emene Echi Akoh II of Akoh Kingdom.

He explained his presence in Ekpena Community as a sign of support for Eze Ene and his recognition of the stool of Eze Emene but in Upata Kingdom, “we adopted an indigenous name of Nye Udu. Eze is not a title for a king in Ekpeye. It is an Igbo word and in the concept of Ekpeye, Eze is ascribed to wealth. The adoption of Nye Udu is for ease of identification and it is in conformity with Ekpeye language and Nye Udu simply mean leader.”

On the issue of the rightful occupant of the stool of Akoh people, Nye Udu Otuwarikpo declared support for HRM Eze Godpower Okpagi whom, he said met all requirements as provided by the custom and tradition of Ekpeye people, stressing that the process that produced Eze Okpagi as Eze Akoh was backed by the order of a court.

According to the Regent who also is the Nye Udu Upata III of Upata Kingdom, Ekpeye need to come together to strengthen the traditional institution and canvas for more government classified stools, while he vowed to “support every progressive arrangement that will move Ekpeye forward. We must show real zeal, we must show passion and we must be steadfast to develop Ekpeye Land.”

He rhetorically asked why there are no government recognized Second Class and Third Class stools in Ekpeye, warning that the ongoing leadership crisis will rather “negatively affect our growth. We must learn to love and forgive one another. We will collectively resist those bent on causing disaffection in Ekpeye. We will not abandon this land for trouble makers, not even for those who believe in the use of gun to intimidate others.”

The coronation which was attended by guests from all walks of life, were entertained with cultural display.

Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

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