PEER/PEERES  –  A group of people of the same age or same social status.

Let me confined my views on age bracket of 7 to 12 years. The environment you found yourself at this age determined your social status at that period. The environment we rated as rural areas 45years ago now listed as urban zone, because of explosion of civilization. Wheels of urbanization has rattled the rural zones such as better roads, better schools, electricity, good health facilities name them.

You as an adult now could you remember some activities you engaged in with your peer group both funny or worthy?

The activities of 7 to 12 years peer group 45 years ago will be rated differently and castigated if 5-7 years peer group engaged in such activities today.

The reason is simple children of these days behaved more matured than those days. Hunting of rats, lizards butterfly was enjoyed and taken seriously to register their peerless. The songs during these hunting expeditions were so melodious that other children left whatever they are doing and join the expedition. At the end of the day they will crown the best and highest hunter. This is what kept the hunting expedition interesting. Healthy competition and good moral judgement was inculcated in them by themselves. As days rolled by these little ones grow to adulthood where they joined more meaningful and important ventures to exbit’s the good moral they inculcated earlier in life for development of the society.


I could remember one event that happened during such hunting expedition. One hot afternoon during lizards hunting we chased a male lizard and it ran into a huge heap of firewood in an old woman’s hut. All efforts to make the lizard ran out from the heap proves abortive. We decided to remove the woods and with all effort we removed the wood and threw them outside. To our surprise we did not see the lizard but only two big toads.


We left that place very disappointed. After few poles from the scene one of us suggested that we should go back and put the wood in order but some refused that no need because we did not kill the lizard that cause us to remove the woods. But someone reminded us that it was the toads that made us not to kill the lizard so we should go back and kill the toads. We all agreed and went back but the toads were not there again and someone said that it may be in heap of the wood outside that toads did not stay in an open place. We removed the wood  and throw it back to the hut but not as arranged by the old woman but all the woods were thrown but the toads were not even found. We all went home disappointed, but the joy of the days expedition was that we did not in cured the wrath of the old woman.

Many people did not enjoy the company of peer/peeress group.

Compiled by Egbe Buduzhi

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